The chain is worth to be broken

Life had a structure in hindsight when I had been writing and publishing once a week. It was not a coincidence or lack of anything, though, that I stopped doing it. For whatever reason I needed to write in the past, but things have changed. Meanwhile, I had much more preparations while publishing, and hitherto it was simple.

I am trying to find what manifestation really means and for whom it exists. If I envision myself as a close box in which something is happening exclusively inside, or a chemistry flask wherein reaction…


Intensification of gaze

Image by the author

I have recently taken a series of photographs. They encompass different objects and a multitude of angles. Ultimately, I reached a push towards materiality and colour through this series. Materiality is not encapsulated here as a bare fact. Materiality can be seen as “Here it is” on a superficial level. In my way of thinking, it is not the objects that are important, but their being is important. From this, we proceed to an idea that it is not a documentation. I didn’t intend to save these things.

I’ve been painting by using only black colour, and I have always…

What conceived within me and reacted on the outward

Author’s work

Do not go to the verge,

Dawn, as always, is there.

If you can catch a ray,

The way will become transpare.


Reflexion on the wall

I Will not find where it came from.

Disappearing in the dark,

It will be replaced on spark.


Forget about counting stars,

Focusing on their angles.

Create an abstract spiral,

Inside of the buttered bagel.

Encapsulating in the work of art.


Everything can be scattered. Both things and thoughts.

I’m not placing an idea into each and every piece that I create, but when I’m done, I am tempted to sink into the subject matter. What it is or what is depicted doesn’t end on its own as it is a part of broader context. Although I think there is something slightly encapsulated in each one.

Being scattered means not to be in order. An idea of order provides a structure for material or non-material things that dictates them their place. It only feels awkward…

Through the prism of contemplation and art


Wipes are felt airy for me. Initially, they are moist, but they are soft and can dry really fast. They are stretchable, unlike napkins.

If you stretch wipes out, they look like sheets of paper, but they are so disparate. Paper can be used for a production, unlike wipes. Paper is a vessel for ideas that gives the opportunity to write things down to keep them out of head.

Wipes are used to clean babies, I think. They will absorb all your baby’s problems and dirt. Napkins will clean adult’s mouth and nose…

Properties, history and more

Author’s work

Above all, my favourite honey is called white clover honey. I hope to talk about something interesting regarding honey, honeybees and my love for it. Honey seems to be underrated. I also think about it not only as food, but it can be meaningful. Likewise, we talk about coffee a lot, don’t we?

Honey has been depicted on 8,000 years old cave paintings. For instance, like this one at Arana Caves in Spain (scheme). It is used as the first evidence of honey being used by humans. Although cultivating colonies of bees has taken more time. …

The history of The Western Sahara War

Author’s oeuvre

The Western Sahara War was a conflict between the Sahrawi indigenous Polisario Front and Morocco from 1975 to 1991. It is a part of a long struggle for independence of Western Sahara, initially from Spain as a Spanish colony since the end of the 19th century to 1975, afterward from Morocco and Mauritania.

Officially, the war was over in 1991, but the territory is still disputed.

Bombs were planted across huge territories in Western Sahara. It hasn’t been safe for a long period to go through these territories, because bombs could go off. …

The answer from Vincent Van Gogh

Author’s Image

Vincent Van Gogh’s letters are one of truly revealing things. It presents him as a figure of great honesty. I find this concept important because, actually, it is easier to sugar things than stay true to others and, consequently, to yourself. People can start fleeing from people thinking they are still carrying themselves, but when you cover anything it gets close to you yourself, first and foremost.

He has done it all through passion. Occasionally, he called art his remedy. Vincent was working furiously, and being out there, he predicted going into the bad condition. …

The poem of life through the negation of death

Author’s creation

The poem brings a sense of eternity. It results from definition. It is not an attempt at identification. The author didn’t write “I’m a bird”, but “I am the swift uplifting rush of…”. It is the definition through the ratio. The relationship between things and the structure itself is immortal because it isn’t reduced to the thing objectiveness.

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the…

The display of timeless drawings

There are leftovers of the pandemic which contain some sadness. By choosing this theme, however, I did not want to reduce works to the particular narrative.

When you go to the exhibition, many people admit that text and all descriptions of paintings are secondary. Although, it is not so on Medium. We are accustomed to writing, and text in this type of displaying works becomes more than a complement, giving the tool to interfere with the works, or provide too many answers.

There are no answers capable of replacing the visual experience.

When you are entering, abstract away from the place and narratives.

Milana Lysenkova

Author, appreciator of visual.

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